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purplegallys wrote in woycommunity
While waiting on the rules to be processed, I have enabled the comments on here to the public, so anyone can add any suggestions about this Live Journal Community; Even though I am still looking for people who have Live Journals to moderate on here. If you guys are interested to become a moderator of this Community Group, please feel free to leave me a comment. Remember, only the users who have Live Journals accounts need to join this group and need to be in the community longer to become a moderator, since I'm not really good at customizing blogs. The group will accept invites when the rules are completed.

UPDATE AS OF 11/1/13: The Rules has been added and now accepts Memberships. Please read the rules here before you join. I will leave this suggestions open until It expires, since we are still welcome anonymous comments.

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If you need help running the community, I'm more than willing to help. I don't use LJ as frequently as I used to, but if you need an extra mod I'm here.

Sounds great! I'm looking forward to see you being as a mod. :3

Quick question: would you like me to run a series of chit-chat threads? They're popular in some of the communities here (including the Hetalia community where I usually linger), and I think they'd be good for some of the people who want to discuss the show/just chat.

Edited at 2013-12-02 05:12 am (UTC)

Well, whatever floats your boat, go right ahead.

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