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While waiting on the rules to be processed, I have enabled the comments on here to the public, so anyone can add any suggestions about this Live Journal Community; Even though I am still looking for people who have Live Journals to moderate on here. If you guys are interested to become a moderator of this Community Group, please feel free to leave me a comment. Remember, only the users who have Live Journals accounts need to join this group and need to be in the community longer to become a moderator, since I'm not really good at customizing blogs. The group will accept invites when the rules are completed.

UPDATE AS OF 11/1/13: The Rules has been added and now accepts Memberships. Please read the rules here before you join. I will leave this suggestions open until It expires, since we are still welcome anonymous comments.

WOY is getting Season 2!!
Great news, Wanderers! Disney has greenlited the second season of Wander Over Yonder. Not sure when will the second season will air, but it's probably around early 2015 or late 2015. I will keep more updates about it, but at this time, this news is fresh.

Upcoming Episodes Timeslot
Since June is here, this month's is going to be busy with Wander and Sylvia traveling with hot summer coming our way; The hottest planet to a tourist rival race. However, for some reason, Disney released two new episodes The Nice Guy and The Timebomb on Disney XD On Demand before their release date was on June 10th; a week from now. Because these episodes have been released from both On Demand and Online, the wait is over for those of you have seen both episodes. Anyways, Disney XD has published the following upcoming episodes on their timeslot, counting out the "leaked" episodes:
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Have an nice and safe Summer!

New Scenes in Disney XD “Animacation” Promo
Hey guys, it's been a while since the last update, but I do apologize for the lack of activity on here. I've been having some personal issues that to take care of but I am back from those problems. Another reasons is that ever since Disney moved to Disney XD, I felt disappointed with them, but since the internet saved the day, we got The Hero and The Birthday, which aired a month ago... then we suffered another hiatus, which isn't too bad than it was before. :/

Since Summer is coming up, Disney just showed a promo for the upcoming episodes, along with Gravity Falls and other shows (with the unnecessary edits of Doraemon that was yet to be aired sometime later this Summer):

Also, according to Wander News, we will be getting two new Episodes The Nice Guy and The Timebomb which might be some connection to some clips from that promo. Since Disney XD is the new home of Wander Over Yonder, it's most likely that they will show "reruns" on Disney Channel, since there are some people who never got Disney XD will have ability to watched the new episodes then.

*sighs* I hope this Summer doesn't sucked. -,-'


Since the hiatus is almost over with, Disney has finally released the promo of "The Ball". Before you ask who that girl was, no that's not Trudie sadly. Though, she does look cute. ^^

Wander Over Yonder on Disney XD
I'm not really a fan of the Channel Disney XD, but they're doing the "Winter Wander What!?" Week for the premiere on their Channel. Unfortunately, the video preview on Wander News doesn't have a HD video, but I guess that doesn't matter. So far, it looks like we're going on another hiatus until next year, and hopefully we might announced more Episode titles since then, but for now, Wander and Sylvia needs their month break from their adventures.

Anyways, here are the TV schedules on Disney XD under the cut:
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Also, if you have missed The Little Guy, there will be a rerun of this episode on December 10th, around 9:30pm-10:30pm on Disney Channel (if you don't have Disney XD that is).

PROMO (semi-spoilers):
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Annie Awards Nominations for Wander Over Yonder Crew
Wander Over Yonder has been nominated to be in the Annie Awards. Good Luck, guys!

Vote For Wander, Details about Episodes, and a Promo of "The Little Guy"
Hiya folks, I know it's almost a month, but NickandMore is doing a voting of Best Shows of 2013. If you vote for Wander Over Yonder (and two other shows), It's most likely that one of them will win and Wander Over Yonder might win for the Best Shows of 2013. So far, Steven Universe is beating the show. Another news, it seems like "The Little Guy" will be the final episode of 2013 and Craig McCracken just announced that there are 21 full episodes made up of 36 single episodes plus 3 two-part episodes like “The Pet".

And now, here's the Promo of "The Little Guy":


There's nothing much going on besides some short clips of the new episode The Box, and I'm getting reference from Spongebob for some reason.

Late News, but Marathon this week!
I do apologized for not updating the latest post about the last week's episode, but it's because I haven't seen the latest episode yet. Anyway, today is the day when they're going to start Wander's Guide to the Galaxy Week marathon, starting around 7:30 p.m. Unfortunately, no new episode this week since they're doing a marathon, but if you have missed the latest new episode, now is the time to watched it later today (or you try to watch/download it here).

Happy Wandering!


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