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New Scenes in Disney XD “Animacation” Promo
purplegallys wrote in woycommunity
Hey guys, it's been a while since the last update, but I do apologize for the lack of activity on here. I've been having some personal issues that to take care of but I am back from those problems. Another reasons is that ever since Disney moved to Disney XD, I felt disappointed with them, but since the internet saved the day, we got The Hero and The Birthday, which aired a month ago... then we suffered another hiatus, which isn't too bad than it was before. :/

Since Summer is coming up, Disney just showed a promo for the upcoming episodes, along with Gravity Falls and other shows (with the unnecessary edits of Doraemon that was yet to be aired sometime later this Summer):

Also, according to Wander News, we will be getting two new Episodes The Nice Guy and The Timebomb which might be some connection to some clips from that promo. Since Disney XD is the new home of Wander Over Yonder, it's most likely that they will show "reruns" on Disney Channel, since there are some people who never got Disney XD will have ability to watched the new episodes then.

*sighs* I hope this Summer doesn't sucked. -,-'


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